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G - Rotate

V - Move

P - Place

C - Constrain

TAB - Demote

Shift + TAB - Promote

Crtl + H - Replace

Crtl + Shift + H - Replace All

General Environment:
Ctrl+C  -          Copy to Clipboard
Ctrl+Shift+E     Assembly Degrees of Freedom visibility
M                   Measure Distance
Ctrl+N             New File
Ctrl+O             Open File
Ctrl+P             Print
Ctrl+Shift+Q     iMate Glyph visibility toggle
Ctrl+S             Save File
Ctrl+V             Paste from Clipboard
Ctrl+W            SteeringWheels
Ctrl+Shift+W    Weld Symbols visibility toggle
Ctrl+X             Cut to Clipboard
Ctrl+Y             Redo
Z                   Zoom Window
Ctrl+Z             Undo
Esc                 Ends Active Command
Home              Zoom All
Page Up           Look At
Delete             Delete selected object
End                 Zoom Select
Ctrl+/              Origin Axes visibility toggle
Ctrl+]              Origin Planes visibility toggle
Ctrl+.              Origin Points visibility toggle
Alt+/               User Work Axes visibility toggle
Alt+]               User Work Planes visibility toggle
Alt+.               User Work Points visibility toggle

Drawing Annotation Shortcuts:
A                    Baseline Dimension Set
B                    Balloon
D                    General Dimension
F                    Feature Control Frame
O                    Ordinate Dimension Set
T                    Text
Ctrl+Shift+T      Leader Text

Sketching Shortcuts:
A                    Center Point Arc
C                    Center Point Circle
D                    General Dimension
F                    Fillet
H                    Fill/Hatch Sketch Region
I                     Vertical
L                     Line
O                    Offset
T                    Text
X                    Trim
=                    Equal

Part-Modeling Shortcuts:
D                        Face Draft
E                        Extrude
F                        Fillet
H                        Hole
Ctrl+Shift+K          Chamfer
Ctrl+Shift+L          Loft
Ctrl+Shift+M         Mirror
Ctrl+Shift+O          Circular Pattern
Q                        Create iMate
R                         Revolve
Ctrl+Shift+R          Rectangular Pattern
S                        2D Sketch
Ctrl+Shift+S          Sweep
;                         Grounded Work Point
/                         Work Axis
]                         Work Plane
.                         Work Point

Assembly-Modeling Shortcuts:
A                        Analyze Interference
C                        Constraint (Assembly)
Ctrl+Shift+E          Degrees of Freedom visibility toggle
G                        Rotate Component
Ctrl+H                  Replace
Ctrl+Shift+H          Replace All
N                        Create Component in Assembly
P                         Place Component in Assembly
V                         Move Component
W                        Fillet Weld (weldment environment)
Tab                     Demote
Shift+Tab             Promote
Ctrl+Enter             Return
/                         Work Axis
]                         Work Plane
.                         Work Point
Ctrl+=                  Parent
Ctrl+-                  Top

Presentation Shortcut:
T                        Tweak Components

Drawing View Shortcut:
Ctrl+Shift+N          Create New Sheet

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F10  Unconsumed Sketch Visibility

Alt + F11 Visual Basic Editor


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